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It all started in February 1997, when a small group of citizens from the Burin Peninsula got together to discuss the idea of an educational facility that looked at educating people on environmental conservation.

The Winterland Heritage Development Committee (WHDC) formed with interested groups and started to form the EcoMuseum that would protect seven square kilometres of wetland and boreal forest. Citizens from the area became volunteers. Immediate support came from many other services, and by May the idea had attracted people all over the province who wanted to help.

On August 1, 1998, the EcoMuseum held it's grand opening that many people participated in. From that day on, many people and groups visit the museum to relax and enjoy the outdoors.  Today, it's a 3 km wheelchair accessible trail with interactive exhibits of the area's natural and cultural heritage. Facilities include an observation tower, wildlife blind, outdoor classroom and numerous rest areas.

Ecomuseum and Trail

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