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Volunteer With Us

Winterland has many great volunteer groups.  
We have the Winterland Volunteer Fire Department who are always looking for new recruits.  Every year they do 'Breakfast with Santa' whereby people can have breakfast at the Community Centre and make a donation at the door.  


All proceeds go towards the community groups. Santa makes and appearance to hand out goody bags to all the kids. 

They also have an open house every October for Fire Prevention Week.  If you're interested in helping your community, please contact any member or speak to Fire Chief Mitchell Hannam, Deputy Chief Chris Kenway or 2nd Assistant Fire chief Brian Hutchings.  Meetings take place every Monday night at 7PM.

The Recreation Board meets about 5 - 6 times a year.  All playground users are asked to abide by the rules: Play at your Own Risk, No Pets Allowed in the Fenced in Area.

They have an awesome recreation program for kids 4 - 12 years of age during 5-6 weeks of the summer.If this group seems like a good fit for you, please contact any member or speak with Krista Mitchell. 

Want more information on living or visiting The Town of Winterland?
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Winterland Heritage Development Corporation is responsible for the Eco Trail and the Heritage House located on the trail.  They host Wednesday suppers during the summer and also play host to school groups.

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