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Some Interesting facts About Town of Winterland

Town of Winterland is the only inland community on the Burin Peninsula. 

Town of Winterland

Winterland is a small community between Garnish and Marystown on the ankle of the Burin Peninsula and is the only inland community on the Burin Peninsula. 

In 1939 the government resettled people into Winterland from the islands around Placentia Bay.  People also moved here from the Town of Garnish.  In the Winterland area there were acres of land suitable for growing crops and raising livestock.  Between the 1940`s and 1950`s the community started growing, and now it's the only community on the Burin Peninsula that farms.  However, there is only one family in the area that still farms.  The remaining people left the community to work in the surrounding area. 

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News & Events
September 07, 2023
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September 05, 2023

Public Notice -


The Town Office will be closing at 4 pm Thursday, September 7 and re-opening Wednesday, September 20 @ 12 pm.

During this time however, the office will be open at its regular time Tuesday, September 12, 7-9 pm.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

August 01, 2023


Water will be shut off starting at 118 Pioneer Dr. (Kenny Power's residence), continuing out the road towards the intersection of Pioneer Dr. and Kimberley Farm Dr., including Collins Crescent and all of Kimberley Farm Dr.

Water will be shut off at 11 pm tonight, August 1 until 6 am tomorrow, August 2.

This is to continue to investigate a possible water leak in the system.

We ask residents to refrain from using lawn sprinklers during the over night.

We thank everyone for their cooperation on this matter.

July 28, 2023


Residents in the area from Jody Manning's residence to Daphne Power's residence (on Kimberley Farm Dr.) are advised water will be shut off from 11pm, Saturday, July 29 until 6 am, July 30 to continue to investigate the possible water leak in the main system. 

We thank all residents for their cooperation and ask you refrain from using lawn sprinklers during this time.

July 27, 2023

PUBLIC NOTICE - Residents are advised, the water will be shut off from the water tank tonight, July 27 from 11:00 PM until 6:00 AM Friday, July 28.

Residents will experience low to no water pressure during this time.  

We are asking residents to refrain from using lawn sprinklers during this time as well.

July 24, 2023

Residents are advised, that in order to look for a possible leak in the towns water line, we will be turning off the water main to parts of the community. 

Effective 11 pm, July 25 – 6 am July 26, starting at 168 Pioneer Dr. (Heber Kenway) and going in the road (towards the airstrip) and including all of Branch Rd., homes will experience little to no water pressure during the time indicated. 

Effective 11 pm, July 26 – 6 am, July 27, starting at 162 Pioneer Dr. (Bill Brake) and going out the road (towards the main highway) and including all of Kimberley Farm Dr., homes will experience little to no water pressure during the time indicated. 


Residents are advised to take the necessary precautions in case they lose water during those times. 


We thank everyone for their cooperation while try to rectify this issue. 

May 16, 2023

The Town of Winterland has one (1) laborer position available for a student ages 15-30 years.

Candidates must be registered as a full-time student in the preceding year & returning full-time next semester.


The Position is for 7 weeks @ 30 hours a week.


Duties include BUT NOT LIMITED TO, mowing grass, painting, weeding, community enhancement, water flowers throughout the community daily, etc.


The successful candidate must be able to work with minimal supervision.


Interested parties can submit their resume to the Town Office, Monday - Friday between 12 pm & 5 pm or email to



May 01, 2023
March 29, 2023

As a reminder, to enable the 9-8-8 mental health crisis number nationwide, 10-digit dialing will be implemented in Newfoundland on May 31st, 2023. 10-digit dialing will be mandatory for both local and long-distance calling.

This may affect the operation of equipment with pre-programmed numbers, including home security systems, lifeline equipment and other wireless devices.

We highly recommend updating the numbers programmed into these devices to include the full 10-digit phone numbers prior to April 4th, 2023 to ensure they continue to function properly. Special numbers such as 9-1-1 will still be dialed using 3 digits.

For more information, please chat with us or visit

March 10, 2023

Residents are advised, effective today (March 10, 2023), due to a malfunction of our water system, our chlorine system is unable to chlorinate the water.

  • Residents are advised to boil water for consumption.

Residents will be notified when this issue has been resolved.

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